My experience
I studied Communication of Organisations in France for 2 years plus a third year when I specialised in Web Design and obtained a Bachelor in Communication. Throughout that final year I worked in a Marketing and Communication agency managing the Web Department and assisting the graphic designers. Since then I have been a freelancer working for different clients on diverse projects including website development, graphic design for banners and photo shoots. I also worked as a graphic designer for ORIGO Education (Mathematic educational publisher) as well as continuing my freelance work. I’m now working for Neto (retail and wholesale management platform) as part of the Marketing team as a graphic designer.

My passions
I love everything to do with food, especially cheese and wine (I’m French so it’s understandable). There is nothing else that makes me happier than a meal with good wine and friends. Otherwise, I spend my leisure time watching live jazz, practicing jazz singing, doing yoga and riding my bike to the park where I enjoy drawing and taking photos.

What drives me
I’m constantly looking for new opportunities to challenge myself. I do everything possible to reach my goals and I stay determined in any situation. I love when people surrounding me are positive and motivated as well. I believe that community between honest people helps you grow.